Creeping bits reached you. Coming all the way through the information super highway. Breaking any speed limit. Hopefully, with no ticket to pay.


I am glad to also welcome you in my very personal picturebook.


Of course, you will find no nude pictures on display (you might want to click to somewhere else?!). I believe in the open and unhindered exchange of attractions. In any way. But this is another story. 


Limit your expectations to what you see. And recline. To let impressions grow inside you.


I invite you touring with me. 


Keep your seat.







And open up:








 Free your mind.

Stick to yourself.

Feel the strength in you. The inner force.

Rely on it. It is you.

Exhale it to the highest extend. And there you are.

Serenity will help you find your way.










No laugh nearby!










It is easy to get saddened.

Then, there is no fun.









Paint your days in rainbow colors

and feel the spirit of the free.























Each day is a precious gift -

ready to be conquered.

With serenity on your side,

you will enjoy every little moment.










Stars are leading us, spiritually.

Mother Earth is our house.

And we origin from the Sea.


























Impressions -

from the bottom of our lands

show us exclusive insights of nature.

















Sunrise comes first.










Life is a built of elements.























Illusions form our individuality.















Truth keeps being unspoken.


















It is an illusion to think that the future was a continuation of the past.-
Misleading, like many other human perceptions.


Future is always unreachable.


Expect the unexpected.

Be open and survive.


Enjoy the present.- Being the only time for life. With serenity enriching you.


Prefer love to aggression. Kissing is a better medicine to mankind.

The most advanced form of communication telling your feelings.







The Two, 1997

"Watery Expressions of Relatedness", 1997










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