Communication  . . .





. . . is like breathing.

Inhaling and exhaling.

To develop and establish a common spirit to share.


Communication is an important key . . .

to combine people with one another, trying to understand ones self and others as well as history and our presence in society. Also

to share goals

to establish a common sense

to help a mutual understanding inside our culture and out

to simply being a basis to bring a person into his world as a means of being

to coordinate with others towards a wanted achievement during work or ones personal development

to exchange ideas, bringing impulses towards innovations ahead ...


But before all of that: communication is a requirement for self expression.

As presupposition to all the mentioned points above.





All it takes are selected words coming from or spoken to


the right people

                        at the right place

                                                in the right time,

                                                                 ... with a precision that ...
                                                                                                                        ....helps you fit to your self.






Listening with silence and watch the stars ...


Fish keep quiet

in the still of water.


What a romantic appeal.



















Speak it out -

try to awake

what seems to sleep.

Trust yourself

and feel the power, inside you.

... they may show you the way. If they can tell.








Contents of words spoken need to be related to the receiving person.

In order to be understood properly.-


Also, you should always try not only to understand what the words just tell by themselves.

But what the speaker's presumable intention is. As an assistance of a better understanding.


 Then, an interconnection can be a highrise of human intercourse.




* * *




Sometimes, a gifted trouble shooter can be helpful,  getting matters straightened out.

For the launch of a healthy re-start. Just in case, a misunderstanding is still there.



So much or easy to say: so less regarding a healthy coming along with one another. In any way.



Desire drives it.










   Copyrights with      York-Axel Weidemann 1999 - today